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Updated: Nov 13

Getting the right information is the first step in solving your business problem or dilemma. Because of that, we decide to ask our development engineer the three most common questions from our clients:

-We are not a large company. Do we need IIoT?

The answer is simple. And that is yes! Even as a small business, there are many ways you can benefit from new technologies. The benefits depend on the individual company. Balancing skilled labor shortages, flexible manufacturing, transparent supply chains, and simplified ordering processes are just a few of the benefits that implementation can bring.

As time goes on, more and more companies are adapting to the new age. And those that don't are being forced out of the market faster and faster. Contact us so that this does not happen to you. We can talk about your potential without obligation.

-Does our production have to adapt to your software?

Without change, there can be no progress. Therefore, there will inevitably be adjustments. However, due to our long experience, we are able to keep the effort for the transformation as low as possible. Furthermore, the purpose of a transformation is to support you in your work and to complement existing functioning processes. We make sure that this will be realized as smoothly as possible.

- Will it be difficult for our employees to master your software?

Our main focus in creating the software is to realize tailor-made requirements and wishes on your part. In doing so, we ensure that the employees are included in the design process. This intensive collaboration results in a tool that can be used intuitively. In spite of this, we offer training courses for the use of the software to ensure that everyone masters the software.

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