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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We are happy to announce that our next project will be integrating new technology into a 30- year-old production machine. Many companies came into 2023 with one goal and that is more efficient production, making it a priority for the entire enterprise. A few years ago, connecting manufacturing systems to the IIoT was not an easy task. The older manufacturing equipment included manually operated machinery, outdated PLCs that control assembly lines, stand-alone CNCs that control machine tools, and older automation systems. None of those systems were designed to work with modern IIoT systems. Bringing a manufacturing plant into the IoT age required expensive upgrades and custom development work. Today as an IIoT platform, JSLConnect combines the level of operation technology with the level of information technology. Sensor data collected in production plants can be easily read out and processed. It is not only important to build and integrate automation but to ensure they are working accurately and becoming more efficient over time. JSL team combines developing, integrating, and monitoring, improving your production's quality, reliability, durability, and productivity.

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