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Our Story

Travel through history


We were founded in 2012 as an independent engineering office for robots and automation. From the very start, we have enjoyed the trust of esteemed companies such as Bosch and AirBus (check our references here). From 2012 until 2014 our main focus was software engineering (packaging machines, engineering production, traceability software).


In 2014 JSL Automation started a new business case. Hardware design and control cabinet construction for new machines was a significant milestone for the company. Later on, for retrofit as well. As we develop so quickly our new techniques required network implementation. After demanding 2014 there comes 2015 which was even better.

Joerg Mayer JSL Automation GmbH


We become a part of a developing team for one of the largest German manufacturers of systems for factory automation KUKAs MXAutomation. Our focus was designing and developing, then transferring the system to various Systems.


Retrofit is now one of our biggest domains but our first big retrofit project happened back in 2016. We were working on a project for Andritz Group, a leading supplier of machine and plant control systems, in Regensburg.


2017 was a significant year with our long-term project coming along. It was a contract with General Motors, which is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company. We are educated in developing and consulting for GM`s GCCS-2 (Global Common Control Software) coding which is worldwide a GM Standard for their production machines. We successfully continued to work with GM through 2019 and 2022.


In 2018 first consultant project come along for an Automotive supplier. We were the technical consultant in project management for the troubleshooting of a delivered automatic production system.


Then comes 2020 challenging year for the whole world. We didn't stand beside while the world was fighting a horrific pandemic called COVID-19. We contributed by developing several machines with systems that produce breathing circuits to support medical care. We designed it on short notice, and we are glad that we were able to help. That same year we start our successful cooperation with Bitzer GmbH. A lot of interesting projects come out of it. We support their development of a test bench for heat exchangers and so many others. The important thing to say is that we were involved in the design of the plant to commissioning.

MicrosoftTeams-image (30).png


After that next consultant project happened in 2021 for an Automotive supplier as well. This time we become the technical consultant for integrating a global MES System and an IIOT project.


2022 began with the project of conversion of an older processing plant. We updated and changed electrical components, motors, drives, and the control system. We used our product JSLConnect to record historical data of a plant for a long-term project that will continue through 2023 as well. The data were evaluated and used to develop a controller design. We also develop a simulation of the pressure to be controlled in Matlab/Simulink. Find out more about JSLConnect below.



JSL Connect

When our clients approach us, the crucial thing they want is to be more efficient and stay competitive. The first thing we discuss is production data acquisition (PDA). With modern PDA, we get the information and facts for finding uncover optimization potential. That leads us to the development of our product JSL Connect. With this tool, we can collect, transfer, and upgrade all sorts of data, from machines of any type. The best feature is that we can interconnect various systems with each other like MES/ERP/PIMS/warehouse management system/SCADA and different databases and production planning systems. The function of migrating the whole application to the cloud is also possible. We achieve this goal by supporting protocols like OPCUA/OPCDA/Mqtt. Just last year our team used JSL Connect to record historical data of a plant for a long-term project that will continue through 2023 as well. The data were analyzed and used to develop a model of the plant using Matlab/Simulink. This will be used to drive a model-based controller design. Stay tuned...


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