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At JSL Automation, we have honed our expertise in mechanical reconstruction and modifications by harnessing a comprehensive network of trusted partner companies. Our core competency lies in orchestrating seamless and efficient transformations, breathing new life into existing machinery, components, or systems.


Designing an electrical plan involves creating systems to control and power machinery components, sensors, actuators, and interfaces. The plan ensures safe, efficient, and reliable machinery operation.


Proper wiring is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of automated equipment. Wiring services include the design, installation, and maintenance of the electrical connections that power and control various machinery components and systems.


Modernization involves updating existing automation systems, equipment, and processes with the latest technological advancements to improve efficiency, productivity, and functionality. This is often necessary to keep up with changing industry demands, remain competitive, and ensure that automation systems are effective and relevant.


Renewing old electrical parts is a meticulous and iterative process that revitalizes and modernizes robotic systems. By replacing outdated components with newer, more advanced alternatives and ensuring seamless integration, engineers can extend the operational lifespan of robots, improve their capabilities, and contribute to the continued advancement of robotics technology.


Safety is crucial in robotics engineering since robotic systems interact with humans and operate in various environments. Redesigning safety concepts in robotic engineering involves a comprehensive and innovative approach to ensure the well-being of humans, property, and the environment during robot operation and interaction. This process includes re-evaluating existing safety measures and protocols, implementing advanced technologies, and integrating robust safeguards to establish a safer and more secure robotic ecosystem.


The integration of digitalization and cloud services has revolutionized robotics engineering, providing unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, scalability, and innovation. This synergy empowers robotic systems with enhanced capabilities, real-time data analysis, and seamless connectivity.


Robotics engineering is evolving rapidly, with innovative redesigns and cutting-edge technologies pushing the boundaries of robotic system capabilities. This involves reimagining traditional approaches and integrating multidisciplinary concepts to create more efficient and adaptable software.

What our customers say

"We have been working with JSL Automation for many years and during this time we have successfully built up and continued to roll out the automation of our test field with JSL. Professional advice, reliable implementation, on-site presence and continuity are very important to us. We hope that it will continue like this."

Frank Vetter


Head of Laboratory

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